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The Artists

Tofino, B.C, Canada is a small beach town; woven tightly together by community-oriented values, and fuelled by entrepreneurialism.  By fostering this local energy, these three small business owners have designed a work-life that is supportive and balanced.  Connection is the main theme amongst the trio, and through this co-operative effort comes the opportunity to welcome a larger audience to their own personal crafts. The Factory space highlights the shared passion for creativity and high-quality craftsmanship.  Each brand is handcrafted and designed to last; be it precious metals, leather, or photographs, these are keepsakes that will help you remember your trip to the coast for as long as you let them.  

Kyler Vos

Professional photographer, magazine editor, wildlife guide, local boy - if he's not in the shop, he's snapping beautiful new content from a helicopter, fishing an alpine lake, or exploring Europe with his beautiful wife.  His in-house printshop is the only spot in town where you can have your customized photo printed, wrapped up & ready for your journey home.


Lisa Fletcher

Trained professionally, but always learning. Lisa loves the design process that gemstone & metalwork involves.  Bring her your custom jewellery dreams and she will make them a beautiful reality in her own aesthetic, inspired by life on the coast.  If she's not in the shop, she is likely volunteering for marine conservation projects in Clayoquot Sound, or on her longboard somewhere between here and southern Mexico.


Julie Boocock

A self-taught leatherworker- Julie can't stop (won't stop) that creative drive, making leather her perfect medium.  Long-lasting and ever-changing; no two bags can ever be the same because each piece of leather is perfectly unique.  The Market Canvas brand has a cult following amongst the local population (and beyond) you'll start to recognize it everywhere. Can't find her in the shop?  Check the coffee shop, the beach, or the Vancouver Art Gallery.