Birthstone Crystal Pendant

Birthstone Crystal Pendant

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Color January - Garnet

Add meaning to your jewelry with a personalized birthstone crystal pendant to your necklace

*** keep in mind that these are not real gemstones, they are coloured crystals which symbolize each birth months gemstone

From left to right :

January - Garnet Coloured Crystal

February - Amethyst Coloured Crystal 

March - Aquamarine Coloured Crystal

April - Diamond Coloured Crystal

May - Emerald Coloured Crystal

June - Alexandrite Coloured Crystal

July - Ruby Coloured Crystal 

August - Peridot Coloured Crystal 

September - Sapphire Coloured Crystal

October - Tourmaline Coloured Crystal 

November - Yellow Topaz Crystal

December - Blue Topaz Coloured Crystal



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