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Moon Dips - celebration taper
Moon Dips - celebration taper

Moon Dips - celebration taper


Hand dipped beeswax candles made in Winnipeg | Treaty 1

Moon Dips’ production process is slow and intentional, utilizing hand-dipping and hand-forming techniques. All Moon Dips candles are made with 100% local beeswax cappings (Treaty #1 and Treaty #3 territories), cotton wick, and sometimes dried botanical matter of cultivated plants, responsibly harvested, or upcycled plants. Moon Dips’ minimal packaging is designed to be reused, composted, or commonly recycled. Moon Dips is enamoured by beeswax - it’s sustainable and burns long.

Moon Dips are handcrafted in small batches - there will be natural, slight variation in candle size (erring on the side of taller). Beeswax is a wonderous material that is influenced by factors such as bee forage and harvest season that may include a variation in the colour.

Standard sized (7/8" diameter) tapers burn for at least an hour per inch. Botanical tapers burn more quickly and more dramatically - they will drip as the candle's flame consumes the plant matter and offer 40-50 min of burn time per inch.


single hand-dipped local beeswax celebration taper 

length 11”

base 1/4” 

burn time 90 minutes 

sold loose