Nuss Nuss Moroccan Rugs Happy Place  57"X64"

Nuss Nuss Moroccan Rugs Happy Place 57"X64"

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Happy Place 57"X64"

Handmade by Berber tribes across the Atlas Mountains. Moroccan carpets are genuine works of functional art. Each tribe in the mountains has a unique aesthetic and weaving style which identifies the origin of the rug. Berber rugs are not made for production or to appease the taste of others, they are made to be used around the home (for seating, blankets etc) for many years and passed down through generations. Moroccan rugs are woven by Berber woman following age-old traditions and beliefs. One rug can take weeks or years to knot. The design of each piece reflects the whim of weaver as well as the history of the tribes tradition. To this end, each rug is truly one-of-a-kind.

Please note, many of the rugs are vintage so signs of wear are to be expected. Vintage items are cleaned and repaired before shipping but please expect signs of usage such as wear spots, discolouration and maybe ever some desert sand.