Sustainable Architecture Book

Sustainable Architecture Book

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In the architecture world, sustainability has evolved from an optional feature into an urgent necessity.

Sustainable Architecture presents 22 projects that range from a nursery and an office skyscraper to a medical centre, an artists’ residence and private homes. Featuring large, high-quality photographs and images of construction details, we well as drawings, sections, sketches and exploded isometrics, it is a rigorous selection of contemporary architecture works produced by innovative international architecture firms.

Sustainable architecture reveals the different connections between the planning and construction phases of a project, which reflect the joint efforts of architects, designers and builders to transform and industry that plays a key role in an environmental conservation processes. In doing so, this volume provides an illustration of environmentally friendly construction and the social and economic impact that this industry currently has.

With distribution in more that’s 70 countries, the Plan. Is one of the most precise touch magazines in the architecture sector. It’s manor eaders around the world include architects, designers and building professionals, as well as academics and students.